بِسْمِ اللّٰہِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِیۡمِ

After having a complete and firm belief on Almighty ALLAH and HIS Prophets and Messengers we should also believe that ALLAH has created Angels. Angels are created from Noor (light). Almighty ALLAH has blessed them with the ability to take whatever form they wish. They sometimes come in the form of humans and sometimes in other forms. They act only as per commands of ALLAH and do not act against the command of ALLAH either intentionally, unintentionally or by mistake. They are the innocent (Masoom) servants of ALLAH. They are free from all major and minor sins.

ANGELS have been given various duties.

  • Some of them take revelation (WAHI) to the Prophits.
  • Some of them are responsible for causing rain.
  • Some of them are in charge of the wind.
  • Some of them are in charge of delivering sustenance (Rizq).
  • Some of them are responsible for giving shapes and figures to the child in the womb of the mother.
  • Some are responsible for possessions in the human body.
  • Some protect humans against their enemies.
  • Some of them participate in the gatherings of Zikr.
  • Some write the deeds of the humans.
  • Many of them have the responsibility of being present in the Darbaar of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ.
  • Some of them are given the duty of carrying the Salutations (Salaat-o-Salaam) of the people to the Court of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ.
  • Some are responsible for questioning the dead.
  • Some takes out the soul from the body.
  • Some give punishment and some for blowing the Soor (Horn shaped instrument on the Day of Qiyaamat).

With the exception of these duties, there are various other duties given to the Angels.

Four Angels are most famous: They are superior over all the other Angels

  1. Hazrat Jibraeel ے,
  2. Hazrat Mikaeel ے,
  3. Hazrat Israfeel ےand
  4. Hazrat Izraeel ے.

Beliefs (Aqaid) about Angels

  • Angels are neither male nor female.
  • To accept them to be Qadeem (uncreated) or say them to be the Creator is Kufr.
  • Their number is only known to ALLAH who created them, and through his informing, His Prophet گ knows.
  • The slightest disrespect towards any Angel is Kufr. Some ignorant people have the habit of referring to their enemies as Malakul Mout (Angel of Death) or Izraeel. These are close to words of Kufr.
  • To reject the existence of Angels by saying that Angels only refer to the power of good and nothing else is wrong. These are words of Kufr.


Jinns are created from fire. Some from amongst them have been given the power to take whichever form they wish. Their life spans are very lengthy. The mischievous ones amongst them are called Shaitaan. Like humans, they have intelligence, souls and bodies. They even have children. They eat, drink, live and die.

Beliefs (Aqaid) about JINNS

  • There are Muslims and Kaafirs amongst them and amongst their Muslims, there are pious and sinners also. 
  • To reject their existence or to say that Shaitaan or Jin only refers to the power of bad is Kufr. To say that there is no such thing as Jin or shaitaan. It is just the power of bad and nothing else is improper.