Aakhirat (Hereafter)

Aakhirat (Hereafter)


بِسْمِ اللّٰہِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِیۡمِ


It is necessary for a muslim to believe that this world is a temporary place and every person has a set lifespan on earth. After this everyone has to die. After death till the day of resurrection (Qiyaamat)  there is another world or domain, which is called Barzakh. After death and before Qiyaamat all the humans and jins have to live therein as per their status. There is comfort for some and hardships for others. All this comfort and hardship would be as per their deeds.

  • When the time of ones life comes to an end, then Hazrat Izraeelے comes to remove his soul.
  • At the time of death the reality of Islam becomes as evident as the bright shining sun to every person as the person sees Angels on his left and right as far as his eyes can see.
  • Angels of mercy come close to believers and Angels of Azaab (punishment) come close to To accept Imaan at this time is not acceptable, because the command of Imaan is to accept without seeing, and now everything is apparent and not unseen anymore.
  • Even after death the soul remains in contact with the body of humans and the soul knows and feels everything that happens to the body, just as it was when it was alive or even more than before. The soul also has its own sensations, through which it feels happiness or sadness.
  • After death and according to one’s religious excellence, the souls of the believers (Momins) live in various exalted places while the cursed souls of the Kaafirs live in various accursed places.
  • No matter where the soul may be, it keeps continuous connection with the body. It recognizes those who come to the grave and sees them. It even hears their words. The example of this has been explained in the following manner in the Hadith:

It is like a bird that was kept in a cage and has now been set free.

It is also in the Hadees Shareef,

When a Muslim passes away, his path is opened. He may go where ever he desires. 

  • To believe that after death the soul goes into another body or into the body of animal (re-incarnation) is totally baseless and Kufr. 
  • To believe on rebirth is also a kufr.
  • Death refers to the separation of the soul from the body. It does not mean the destruction of the soul.
  • One who believes that the soul is destroyed is a Bud Mazhab (mislead corrupt person). 

Questioning in Grave 

  • When the people leave after burying the deceased two Angels appear to him. One of them is called ‘Munkir’ and the other is called ‘Nakeer’. They question him in a very harsh voice. The people who answer the question correctly gets the comfort while those who cannot answer the questions are subjected to great hardships and punishments till the Qiyaamat. Questioning  after death is Haq  Even if the body, is burnt, disintegrated, turned to dust, drowned or eaten by some animal.
  • The earth does not devour (eat) the bodies of the Prophets, Awliyah ALLAH , The Ulama, martyrs (shuhada) etc. Any person who says that the Nabis “Are dead and mixed in the sand” is a corrupt and mislead person.


Verily one day, the earth, the skies, humans, jins and Angels all will come to End. Only Almighty ALLAH  is All Existing. Before the world comes to an end, a few signs shall become apparent.

  • Qiyaamat will definitely be established. One who rejects this, is a kaafir. 
  • If a person’s body has been disintegrated, decayed or even devoured by animals; Almighty ALLAH will gather all of this and raise the body again.
  • On the day of reckoning, the ground will be of copper and we will be bare feet.
  • There is none that can explain the intensity of the heat at that time. Thirst will be so severe, that we cannot really explain it.May Almighty ALLAH protect us.
  • Every person will be in hardship as per his or her sins. With all these hardships taking place, none will be thinking of the other. None will be able to be of assistant to any one else.These hardships will not last just for a few hours, days or months, but for the entire day of Qiyaamat, which will be equivalent to fifty thousand years. 

Intercession (Shafa’at) of  Hazrat Muhammad گ 

  • The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ will then intercede as none of the prophet will come forward for intercession on that day, saying that it is only Khatimun Nabiyeen Hazrat Muhammadگ who has the authority of intercession.
  • The intercession of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ will continue till every person who has Imaan equal to a mustard seed in his heart will be interceded.

Accountability and Reckoning (Hisab-o-Kitab) 

  • Reckoning on the last day is the truth. We are definitely going to be accountable for our deeds. One who rejects the accountability and reckoning is a kaafir.
  • On the day of Qiyaamat each person will be handed his books of deeds. The obedient servants of ALLAH will receive it in their right hands and the sinful ones in their left hands. The Kaafirs chest will be torn open and his hands will be thrust into the chest and pulled out through his back. Then his deeds will be handed over to him. 
  • Meezan (The Scale) is Haq (True). The good and bad deeds of the people shall be weighed on this scale.

Virtues of The Prophet Hazrat Muhammadگ

  • The Prophet Hazrat Muhammadگ has been blessed with a Pond called “Houz-e-Kausar”. This is Haq (a fact). Its sand is fragrant with musk. Its water is whiter than milk, sweeter than honey and more pure than musk. Anyone who take a sip of kausar will never be thirsty again.
  • Almighty ALLAH will bless the Prophet Hazrat Muhammadگ with Maqaam-e-Mahmood (The Station of Praise). It is here that all the creation from the beginning to the end will praise him.
  • The Prophet Hazrat Muhammadگ will be blessed with a banner (flag) which will be called Liwa ul Humd (The Flag of Praise). All the believers from the time of Hazrat Adam ے right up to the end will be gathered under this banner. 

Pul Siraat

  • Pul Siraat (The Bridge) is Haq (True). This is a bridge which is constructed over the fire of Hell. It is thinner than a hair and sharper than a sword. This is the only road that leads to Jannat. The Prophet Hazrat Muhammadگ will be the first to cross the Pul Siraat, then All the Ambia and Mursaleen ے, followed by the Ummat of the Prophet Muhammadگ and then the Ummats of all the other Prophets.
  • One will pass over pul siraat as per his deeds. Some will pass as fast as the flash of lightning. Some will pass like wind travelling at high speeds. Some will pass as fast as birds fly, whilst others will pass in the speed of a fast horse. Some will travel in the speed of a running man and some will be dragging themselves on their bottoms. There will be those who will be passing as slow as ants.
  • This day of Qiyaamat will take fifty thousand years to pass and it will be a day full of the most testing hardships and difficulties.? This day will be made very easy for the pious and chose servants of ALLAH.
  • The greatest blessing upon the Muslims on that day will be the great opportunity of seeing Almighty ALLAH . There is no blessing greater than this. Once a person sees Almighty ALLAH once, he will enjoy the blessing of the Divine Vision forever. It is something that he shall never forget. The first person to make Deedar (see Almighty ALLAH ) will be the Holy Hazrat Muhammadگ .

Up to this point, we have very briefly discussed the issues relating to the Day of Resurrection. After the entire day of reckoning ends, we will enter our final abode, which is for ever. Some will receive the abode of peace and tranquility which is called  Jannat (paradise) whilst others will enter the abode of pain and suffering which is called Jahannum  (hell).

  • Jannat and Jahannum are Haq. One who rejects this, is a Kaafir.
  • Jannat and Jahannum have been created by ALLAH  hundreds of thousands of years ago and are in existence even now. It is not true to say that Jannat and Jahannum  do not exist and will be created close to or just before the last day.
  • Resurrection, the reckoning, accountability on the last day, reward, punishment, Paradise and Hell mean the same as it is generally understood by the true Muslims. Any person, who claims these to be true, yet shows different meaning for them (e.g. To say that reward refers to seeing ones good deeds and being pleased or punishment refers to being saddened by your bad deeds and the day of resurrection only pertains to the souls etc). Such a person is in reality rejecting all the above mentioned beliefs and such a person is termed as Kaafir. 


  • Jannat is an abode which Almighty ALLAH has created for the believers. He has placed such splendors in Jannat, that no eye has ever seen this before and no ear has ever heard of it, and nor has the thought of these splendors even passed through the mind of any person. None can ever experience the true realities and bounties of Jannat (in this world). The only one that has been blessed with experiencing all the bounties and all the beauties of Jannat is the holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammadگ.
  • The Best Reward of Jannatis will be the deedar of Almighty ALLAH . The Arsh of ALLAH will appear in one of the gardens of Paradise and the Jannatis will see Almighty ALLAH so clearly, as every person sees the sun or the full moon from wherever He is (this is an example without comparison). Pulpits of Light, pearls, rubies, emeralds, gold, silver, musk and camphor will be laid for the Jannatis to sit on. None of them will feel inferior to another.

‘O ALLAH  Almighty, Bless us with the great opportunity of making Your deedar through the blessings of Your Beloved, Generous and Merciful Prophet Hazrat Muhammadگ 


  • This is an abode (Place) of the wrath of Almighty ALLAH.
  • Actually it’s a well of fire and the fire of this well is so intense that the fire of this world despite of being very much intense seeks refuge of Almighty ALLAH from the fire of hell.
  • Almighty ALLAH has prepared Hell for the disbelievers.
  • There are massive snakes and scorpions in hell that look like long necked camels. Their stings and bites are so venomous and painful, that the pain and effect will be felt for a thousand years.
  • The jahanamis will be given so hot water, like oil that has been boiled to its highest intensity.
  • They will be given thorny fruits to eat.

“We pray that Almighty ALLAH  pardons us and favors us with His Mercy in this world and in the hereafter”