بِسْمِ اللّٰہِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِیۡمِ

Just as it is necessary for a muslim to know the belief about ALLAH’s being and HIS attributes similarly it is also necessary to know that what is permissible, compulsory and absolutely impossible for a Nabi, since to accept an absolutely impossible (Muhaal) and to reject what is compulsory is  the means to infidelity (Kufr) . It is very much possible that due to lack of knowledge a person may hold an improper belief or say something which is contrary to the proper belief that can ruin his faith (Imaan).

Beliefs about Prophet (Nabi)

  • A Nabi refers to that human, to whom ALLAH sent down for the guidance of the people.
  • ALLAH sent down his special messages to them such massages are called.”WAHI” (revelation).
  • For Nabi revelation of WAHI is necessary, be it through an Angel or without any means.
  • WAHI is specific for Prophets only. If someone accepts WAHI for anyone other than Nabi then he is a Kaafir.
  • Whatever is shown to a Nabi in his dream is also WAHI (revelation) and it can never be false.
  • Rasool is not only specific to humans, as there are Angels as well who are Rasools.
  • All Prophets were human and men. Neither any Jinn nor any woman has been a Prophet (Nabi).
  • It is not compulsory upon Almighty ALLAH to send Prophets. Through HIS Grace, HE sent down Prophets for the guidance of the mankind.
  • Almighty ALLAH revealed various scriptures (sahifas) and Heavenly Books upon various Nabis.
  • Prophethood is not something one can attain through striving or through worship. This is something that is bestowed by Almighty ALLAH and that through HIS Grace.
  • ALLAH has bestowed it upon whom HE Wills. Verily, HE has given it to those, whom HE has made worthy of this position.
  • One who accepts that Nubuwwat is attainable through striving and Ibaadat is a Kaafir.
  • Prophets are pure from all undesirable qualities, and with the most exalted character and has passed through all the stages of “Wilayat”.
  • The Prophets in their ancestry, body, words, actions and movements are pure from all that which is disliked. They are also blessed with the most perfect intelligence, which is very much more powerful than the intelligence of others.
  • All Prophets are “Maasoom” means they are absolutely free from the ability to sin and this is a unique quality of Prophets and Angels only. Almighty ALLAH also protects Great Imams and the Awliyah ALLAH from sins and they do not sin, but according to the Shariah it is not impossible for it to happen.
  • Prophets are pure from anything which is dishonorable behavior or qualities, such as Shirk (associating partners with ALLAH), Kufr (infidelity), lies, dishonesty, and ignorance etc, even before attaining Nubuwwat.
  • The bodies of Prophets are free from leprosy, and all other such diseases that are hated by the people.
  • They are pure from major and minor sins even before Nubuwwat is bestowed upon them, as they are Maasoom.
  • The Nabis have passed on all the commands to the people which Almighty ALLAH revealed upon them for the people. Anyone who says that any Nabi did not pass down all ALLAH’s commands due to fear (Taqiyya) or any other reason is a Kaafir.
  • It is absolutely impossible for Nabis to make mistakes and errors in propagating the commands of ALLAH.
  • Almighty ALLAH has bestowed the knowledge of the unseen (Ilm-e-Gaib) upon the Ambia-e-Kiraam. Every particle in the skies and earths is in the sight of every Nabi.
  • This knowledge of the unseen which the Prophets possess is that which has been bestowed upon them by Almighty ALLAH, thus their knowledge is known as Ilm-e-Ataayi (that knowledge which has been bestowed).
  • The Prophets has come to inform us of the “Ghaib” (unseen). Jannat, Jahanum, Hashr, punishment and reward are all “Ghaib” (unseen).
  • The Awliyah ALLAH also possesses knowledge of the unseen, but this too, they attain through the blessing of the Prophets.
  • The Prophets are more superior than all the creation including the Angels that are No matter how exalted a Wali may be, he can never be equal to a Nabi.
  • Any person who says any one who is not a Nabi to be more superior or even equal to any Nabi is a Kaafir.
  • To respect a Nabi is “Farz-e-Ain” means that it is mandatory for every individual
  • The slightest disrespect or falsification of the word about any Nabi is Kufr.
  • From Hazrat Adam ے upto our Nabi گ Almighty ALLAH sent various Prophets. Some of them are clearly mentioned in the Holy Quran whilst others are not.
  • Almighty ALLAH created Hazrat Adam ے from clay, without a mother or father and appointed him as his Khalifa (Representative). Almighty ALLAH blessed him with the knowledge of the names of everything. Almighty ALLAH commanded the Angels to make Sajdah to him. All obeyed the command except shaitaan He refused and became cursed forever. (In fact Shaitan was from the fraternity of Jinns, but as he was a great worshipper therefore he was counted amongst the Angels).
  • Man did not exist before the creation of Hazrat Adam ے. All humans are the offspring of Hazrat Adam ے. It is for this reason that humans are called “Adami”.
  • To allocate an actual figure for the number of Prophets is not allowed, since the actual number is not known to anyone except ALLAH.
  • Some Prophets have been given excellence over others and the most exalted of all is our beloved Rasool Hazrat Muhammad گ. After Huzoor گ the greatest status is of Hazrat Ibraheem ے, then Hazrat Moosa ے, then Hazrat Esa ے and then Hazrat Nooh ے. These Prophets are known as “Mursaleen ulul Uzm” These five Nabis are greater than all other Prophets, humans, Angels, Jinns and all the creation.
  • Without comparison, just as the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ is the greatest amongst all the Prophets, through the blessing of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ, the Ummat of the Prophet گ is the greatest Ummat of all Ummats.
  • In order to establish their truthfulness, Allah caused new and difficult acts to happen through them which others cannot do. Such acts are called miracles (mu’jizaat)
  • The Prophets are alive in their graves like they were alive on earth. To fulfill the promise of ALLAH ‘Every soul shall taste death’, they tasted death for a moment and were then given life again.

Some Special  Virtues of our beloved Nabi Hazrat Muhammad گ

  • All the other Prophets (alaihimus salaam) were sent to a specific nation, but the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ was sent to all mankind, jins, Angels, animals, and the entire creation. Just as it is Fard upon the humans to respect the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ, it is Fard upon the entire creation to respect the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ.
  • The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ is Mercy unto, the humans, Angels, Jins, Hoors (maidens of Jannat), Ghilman (servants of Jannat), animals and all the creation of Almighty ALLAH, and he is most merciful upon the Muslims.
  • The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ is “Khaatimun Nabiyeen” meaning that he is the Final Prophet of ALLAH. Almighty ALLAH has closed the doors of Prophethood after Hazrat Muhammad گ. No other Nabi is possible either in the era of Hazrat Muhammad گ or after this.
  • Anyone who accepts that a new Nabi could come in the time of Hazrat Muhammad گ or after his time, or one who even thinks this to be possible is a Kaafir.
  • It is absolutely impossible for anyone to be like Hazrat Muhammad گ.
  • Any person who shows anyone to be equal to any of Huzoor’s گ unique attributes in any way, is a mislead person or a Kaafir.
  • Our Huzoor گ has been blessed with the closest place in the Court of Almighty ALLAH. The entire creation wants Almighty ALLAH to be pleased with them, and Almighty ALLAH Wills the pleasure of Hazrat Muhammad گ.
  • From amongst the Unique blessings bestowed upon Hazrat Muhammad گ is the Me’raaj (ascension in to the heavens), when Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ journeyed in a short span of night with his physical body from Musjid-e-Haraam (Makkah) to Musjid-e-Aqsa (in Jerusalem), from there into the seven skies, pass the Kursi, and even beyond the Arsh and he was blessed with such closeness, that has never been bestowed upon any human or Angel ever before and will never be bestowed ever to anybody else. He saw Almighty ALLAH with the eyes of his head and he heard the Kalaam of ALLAH without any means.
  • Our Hazrat Muhammad گ shall intercede first of all on the day of resurrection (Qiyaamat) and he will be blessed with “Maqaam-e-Mahmood”.
  • If a person does not love the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ more than his parents, children and the entire creation, then he can never be a Muslim.
  • Obedience to the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ is in reality obedience to Obedience to ALLAH is not possible without obedience to the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ. Respect for the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ in other words to honor and revere him is part of Imaan and the basis of Imaan. After bringing Imaan, to respect the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ is the greatest farz from all farz.
  • To respect and revere the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ now should be in the same manner as when he was physically on this earth before the eyes of the people. This is a great Obligation upon us.
  • When listening to the blessed name of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ , we should do so with great sincerity and honour. We must also recite the Durood on hearing his blessed name as this is Waajib (compulsory)
  • The true sign of love for the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ is to make his zikr (remembrance) him in abundance. Recite Durood Shareef in abundance and when writing his blessed name, always right (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). Some people write s.a.w etc in short for (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). This is not permissible.
  • It is also a sign of love and faith, to love the blessed family of Hazrat Muhammad گ, His companions and to have enmity for the enemies of Hazrat Muhammad گ even though he may be your father, son, brother or from your tribe. One who does not do so, is false in his claim that he loves the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ. Are you not aware of the fact that the Sahaba-e-Kiraam left the elders, relatives and homes for Hazrat Muhammad گ . How is it possible to love the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ and at the same time have love for his enemies? Since two things that are opposed to each other can never be gathered together you have to choose one of the two. You can either choose to attain Jannat or go towards Jahanum.
  • The sign of true love is this, that the words to be used in the court of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ should be adorned with respect and dignity. One should never use such a word that has even the slightest sign of disrespect in it. Never use his name when addressing the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) as this is not permissible.
  • If you ever have the opportunity of being present in Madinah Shareef, then stand four hand lengths away from the Rauza-e-Paak with hands tied in great respect, Lower your head and send Salaat-o-Salaam to the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ. Do not go too close and do not look around, and never ever raise your voice, for you will lose all the good which you have gathered in your entire life.
  • Any person who looks at any saying, action, practice or condition of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ with the slightest contempt, is a Kaafir.
  • Huzoor (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) was the first to be blessed with the status of Nubuwwat. On the Day of Meesaq (Covenant), all the Prophets took an oath to bring faith in him and assist him and it was on this condition, that they too were blessed with Nubuwwat.


Those issues of the Ambia relating to certain Laghzish (mistakes) which occurred (such as Adam ے eating from the tree) are not allowed to be discussed. To read or discuss this except in the Quran or in narrations of Hadith is haraam, in other words strongly forbidden. What right do others have to speak on their issues? ALLAH is their Lord. He may take their actions as He Wills in which ever manner He Wills. They are His beloved servants. They may show humility in the Court of their Lord as they wish. No other person is allowed to use their words (in such cases) as a credential. One who uses these incidents as proof for himself is cursed. As for these instances which seem to show mishap on their part, are in reality based on thousands of wisdoms and good things (that we can not even understand). In these actions, there are thousands of fruits of benefit and blessings. Look at just the one issue of Hazrat Adam ے. If he had not eaten the fruit, then he would have not come down from Jannat onto earth. The earth would not have been inhabited. Neither would the heavenly books have been revealed and nor would the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad گ  have come. There would have been no jihad. The doors to hundreds of thousands of bounties would have been closed. The one thing that opened the door to all this, was the one blessed action of Hazrat Adam ے.