Tauheed (Belief about ALLAH)

Tauheed (Belief about ALLAH)


بِسْمِ اللّٰہِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِیۡمِ

As being Muslims, we first need to know that what should be our belief towards ALLAH. A Muslim is one who worships ALLAH, to obey, and to live his life accordingly. This thought and belief is referred to as Tauheed. It is the main  pillar for a person to be a true Muslim.

Tauheed Means:

  • Almighty ALLAH is One. HE has no partners in Being (Zaat), attributes/Qualities (Sifaat), actions (Af-aal), commands (Ahkaam) or in Names (Asma).
  • Almighty ALLAH is “Waajibul Wajood” means HIS existence is necessary. HIS non-existence is absolutely impossible (Muhaal)
  • In the beginning, the entire universe was non-existent. Through the creation of ALLAH, it came into existence.
  • Almighty ALLAH is Qadeem, it means that HE has been since eternity and will remain till eternity and not a creation. Another name for this is Azali and Abadi.
  • ALLAH alone is worthy of worship.
  • Almighty ALLAH is free from need. Means HE is the Self-sufficient Master, the eternal, absolute, in other words ALLAH is not dependent on anyone or anything but the entire creation is dependent on Almighty ALLAH.
  • To comprehend (understand) Almighty ALLAH’s Being (Zaat) by means of reason is absolutely impossible.
  • Everyone knows HIM through signs and attributes. No one can know the essence of HIS being.
  • HIS Attributes are neither the same nor separate from HIS Being. 
  • In reality HIS attributes cannot be separated from ALLAH’s Being.
  • Just as HIS Being is Qadeem, Azali and Abadi,  HIS attributes are also Qadeem, Azali and Abadi.
  • Except the Being and Attributes of Almighty ALLAH everything else is “Haadis” i.e. it did not exist before, it only came into existence after Almighty ALLAH created them.
  • Any person who says the attributes of ALLAH to be a creation is a mislead and corrupt person.
  • Any person who says anything in the universe to be Qadeem (uncreated) or has a doubt in it being Haadis (created) is an unbeliever (Kaafir).
  • ALLAH is not a father of anyone, nor is HE a son of anyone, nor does HE has any wife.
  • Anyone who claims that ALLAH is the father or son of anyone, or says that ALLAH has a wife is an unbeliever. Even, if one thinks of these to be possible, then he is mislead and Bud Deen.
  • HE is Qaadir (has power) over every possible (Mumkin) thing. Almighty ALLAH is free from such things which are impossible for example another God is impossible similarly HIS annihilation (End) is also impossible.
  • Almighty ALLAH is All Splendid and Most Graceful.
  • There is no shortcoming, defect or blemish in HIM. 
  • Almighty ALLAH is free from all those qualities which are disliked such as lies, deceit, distrust, tyranny (Cruelty) , ignorance, immodesty etc.
  • Almighty ALLAH is ever alive (Hayy) and the lives of everything is in HIS control.
  • HE gives life to whomsoever HE wills and causes death to whomsoever HE wills.
  • Existence, Power (Qudrat), Hearing, Seeing, Speech (Kalaam), Knowledge and Will (Iraadah) are all HIS Self Attributes, but HE does not depend on ears to hear, eyes  to see and tongue to speak, since these are all physical forms (body) and ALLAH is free from any physical form.
  • HE hears the faintest of sounds and sees the most minute (smallest) of things, which cannot be seen even with the microscope.
  • HIS seeing and hearing, is not only confined to this, but HE sees all and hear all. Therefore we say that ALLAH sees absolutely and hears absolutely.
  • Like all HIS other Attributes, HIS Kalaam (Words – Speech) is also Qadeem (uncreated). It is not a creation (Makhlooq).
  • The Holy Quran is ALLAH’s Kalaam. Any person who says the Quran to be a creation has been termed a Kaafir, by our Imam Azam Abu Hanifa ؒ and all the other Great Imams.
  • Almighty ALLAH has the complete Knowledge of everything in the universe even the thoughts coming in our mind.
  • There is no limit of HIS knowledge, he knows everything apparent and hidden.
  • Ilm-e-Zaati (self knowledge) is unique attribute of ALLAH.
  • That person is an unbeliever, who tries to prove Ilm-e-Zaati for other than ALLAH, be it of present or hidden  .
  • HE is the Creator of everything. Be it beings or actions. Everything that has been created is created by ALLAH.
  • HE is the one who gives sustenance to all. HE decreases the sustenance of whoever HE wills and increases the sustenance of whoever HE wills. 
  • As per HIS Knowledge, HE has written all good and bad as they are to happen and as it was to be done. It is not so, that we have to do as HE has written, but HE has written as we would to do. Thus If ALLAH wrote bad for a certain person, then it was because that person was to do bad. If he was to do good, then ALLAH would have written good for him. HIS writing did not force any person to do anything. This is known as Taqdeer.
  • Almighty ALLAH is free from shape, size, space, direction, time and all that which is Haadis (created).
  • ALLAH does what and as HE Wills, for there is none with control over Him, and there is none that can stop Him from doing that which HE Wills.
  • To HIM only belongs all whatever is in the heavens and all whatever is in the earth.
  • No one can intercede with HIM except by his command? HE knows what is in front of them and what is behind them; and they do not achieve anything of HIS knowledge except what HE wills.
  • HIS throne (of sovereignty) encompasses the heavens and the earth; and it is not difficult for HIM to guard them.
  • HE never feels drowsy nor does HE sleeps.
  • HE is the one who gives guidance.
  • HE guides whom HE Wills on the right path and removes whom HE Wills from the right path.
  • Whatever happens in this universe occurs under HIS order. Without HIS order, even an atom cannot move.
  • HE has all good and beautiful qualities
  • HE is the one WHO saves HIS servants from all calamities.
  • HE is more Merciful than one’s father or mother.
  • HE is the most forgiving.
  • HE values and rewards service and worship rendered to HIM. He accepts duas (supplications).
  • HE is the one who accepts repentance.
  • HE is the one who shows HIS wrath.
  • HE punishes those who deserve punishment.
  • HE may give respect to a one who is disgraced and cause disgrace to one who is respected.
  • Whatever HE does or will do is the Justice. HE is free from tyranny or wrongdoing. HE is the most Exalted and the Magnificent.
  • HIS Works are full of wisdom, whether we know of them or not.
  • Through HIS Wisdom, HE has made one thing the means for another. HE has created eyes for seeing, ears to hear, fire to burn and water to quench thirst. If HE Wills, then the eyes may hear, the ears may see, water may burn and fire may quench thirst. If HE does not will, then in the day, a thousand eyes may not see a mountain, there may be a million fires and one straw may not even be tarnished.